5 Flooring Styles That Could Suit Your Home

Thinking of changing up the flooring in your home but don’t know where to start? You could be interested in sprucing up your current wooden flooring, or investing in a completely new floor. It’s difficult to know what will suit your home, but here are 5 types of wooden flooring which could complement your home. 

Wooden Floor Restoration (Floor Sanding)

If you already have a wooden floor, but it’s outdated or needs some TLC, you might consider wooden floor sanding to restore your floor to its prime condition. The process of floor sanding sees existing damage such as scratches, stains, or marks removed. From this point, any finish can be added to create your desired look. This style is sure to suit your home, bringing a new life to your humble abode.

The process of floor sanding can be carried out on almost every form of wooden flooring – it must be solid or engineered wood flooring, however, any style can be restored using this method. Whether your floor is Oak, Pine, Teak, Maple, or Beech, we can help you get it looking as best as it can. 

At RYANS Restoration, we can complete floor sanding in just 3 days, with low costs and dust-free services. We use first-class equipment and trained professionals to ensure exceptional quality on our floor sanding services. 

Herringbone Flooring

Herringbone is a very fashionable choice for hardwood flooring. This type of wood showcases in geometric patterns, and can often be seen in beautiful historic buildings such as museums, galleries and castles. Herringbone is incredibly timeless and can bring a unique elegance to most modern day homes. 

The geometric patterns are eye-catching yet not overbearing, complementing the features and decoration of your home. As well as this, Herringbone is durable and can be restored using floor sanding in years to come. 

Plank Floors

Wide plank hardwood is a classic choice of flooring in any home. These wooden planks come in many different styles and colours, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your space. You can choose from a range of unique, natural, and classic styles, making it easy to select the flooring which creates the vibe you’re aiming for. 

Wooden plank floors are a popular choice in many different settings – they are both aesthetically pleasing and hard-wearing, making them incredibly functional. Again, solid wood can be restored in time through floor sanding.

Wooden Flooring – 2 Strip

Two stave wood flooring is made up of short lengths of wood, in two rows per floorboard. This could be a good choice if you’re looking for a more rustic-look for your home. The natural patterns in the wood stand out, giving more personality than a more uniform plank floor. The warmth of the natural wood creates a cosy vibe, making it perfect for living spaces. 

Two stave wooden flooring is created using quality natural materials. This is also usually a more affordable option if you’re working with a smaller budget. Restoration can also take place through floor sanding, allowing you to maintain your floor’s homely qualities.

Stained Wooden Flooring 

Still searching for the perfect wooden flooring for your home? Perhaps you’ve found a style you like but can’t seem to find the right tone of wood. Good news – wood can be stained with various different coloured oils, you’re sure to find one which suits your home. You can also choose a specific finish for your wooden flooring, whether you want matte, glossy, or natural wood. These finishes and stains can even be used after wood sanding restoration of your current flooring. The choice is yours… 

The best way to choose your new flooring is to visit our showroom and have a chat. Or, to discuss the restoration of your current flooring, contact us online or call 01823 674 562

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