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Thinking of having new hardwood flooring installed? Here at RYANS, we’re a hardwood flooring supplier with everything you need to create your perfect hardwood floor. Whether you’re choosing a new floor, or if you want to refurbish your existing hardwood floor, we’ve got you covered. 

What hardwood flooring is available?

As a leading hardwood flooring supplier, we have a range of different hardwood flooring styles available for you. You can choose between Herringbone, Plank or 2-Strip floor. Your decision might depend on the room’s specific use or a certain visual aesthetic.

Herringbone Floor

Herringbone floor is a luxurious, stylish option for any room. Its unique geometric pattern is sure to add an elegant touch, making a statement in your home. While it is a detailed and striking floor, it is also a durable option. It can be restored time and again to maintain its beautiful pattern.

Plank Floor

Junckers hardwood plank floor is a classic choice, bringing a simple, stylish element into your home. The wide planks showcase the natural grain of the wood, adding a touch of warmth. A range of plank widths are available, depending on your preference, including 129mm, 140mm and 185mm. Again, it can be restored through sanding to renew its natural finish. 

2-Strip Floor

Your final option is 2-strip flooring, which is similar to plank flooring with shorter, thinner staves. These staves are layered 2 per floorboard to create a more detailed, less uniform pattern. As well as being more characteristic than classic plank flooring, it is often the less costly option. This can save money if you’re on a budget. As with any of our engineered hardwood floors, 2-strip flooring can be refurbished to remove any imperfections.

Can you customise your hardwood floor?

Once you’ve chosen your style of flooring, you may want to consider customising it further with stains or finishes. For example, you may want to darken the wood with a specific stain to bring more depth or warmth into the room, or you may want to leave the wood with a more natural finish. Some of the stains you could choose from are: 

Natural wood, Victorian pine, antique pine, walnut, teak, black, light oak, medium oak, dark oak, golden oak, rosewood and dark rich mahogany.

You should also choose the specific style of wood finish for your floor. This could be Scandi style, textured, natural, timeless or a unique finish. This could be achieved through finishes such as gloss, matte or a natural finish to highlight the grain of the wood. Here at RYANS, we use a UV Oil Rollercoater finishing line to stain, finish and cure all of our hardwood floors. Whichever pattern, style and finish you choose, we can combine them to create your perfect floor.

If you’re unsure about which stain to choose, we can apply test patches to your wooden flooring to help you imagine how it would pair with the room. This can assist your decision by understanding what looks good in the room first-hand, as well as seeing how the stain looks on your specific style of wood. 

Can you refurbish your existing hardwood floor?

Is your existing hardwood floor in need of some TLC? You might want to consider having it refurbished. Here at RYANS, we offer a three-day floor sanding service to bring your floor back to its former glory. Our experienced engineers use professional floor sanding equipment to remove any stains, damages or imperfections in the wood that occur over years of wear and tear. The process starts with sanding the floor, before applying stains and lacquers to bring out the natural grain and protect it for years to come. Due to our professional dust-extraction technology, there’s no need to worry about excess dust covering your home. Floor sanding can be repeated years down the line when the floor becomes damaged, or if a different finish is desired. 

Depending on the size of the room, or the number of rooms, the cost of this service varies. For an average room (around 13 square metres), it will cost around £900. This price then scales upwards with the size of the room/amount of rooms. Generally, we will take 3 days to complete the full restoration process, however, larger projects could take a week or more. Please get in touch with us to discuss your options or to receive a quote for your project. 

What is RYANS’ service area?

RYANS is a hardwood flooring supplier in the South West UK. We supply Bristol, Somerset, Devon, Wiltshire, Dorset and Cornwall. Our team are based in Wellington, Somerset, but we travel to our clients to complete any engineered wood floor installation or restoration projects. 

If you’re located in the South West and have an exciting wooden floor restoration project, we’d love to help! Get in touch with us by giving us a call on 01823 674562 or by visiting our contact page

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