Domestic & Commercial Floor Sanding Services

Whether you need domestic or commercial floor sanding services, we’ve got you covered! Here at RYANS, we offer professional wooden floor restoration services to bring your old floor back to its former glory. 

What are RYANS’ floor sanding services?

Over time, wooden flooring can become worn and damaged, especially in commercial environments such as office spaces. This is because constant use will scratch the floor and remove its protective coating. Damage can occur more quickly when shoes are worn on the floor, as dirt and grit are often brought in on footwear. If the wooden flooring isn’t maintained properly with the correct cleaning procedures, this damage can occur at a faster rate due to the build-up of dirt and grit on the surface of the wood. As well as this, furniture such as office chairs can cause more harm to the surface of the wood. This is why it is beneficial to think about our floor sanding services in commercial buildings, to maintain the durability of your wooden floor in this working environment. 

Damage may not occur as quickly in domestic environments, as shoes often aren’t worn in people’s homes and cleaning may be carried out more often. This isn’t always the case, and it may be time to think about our wooden floor sanding services if your floor has become worn and damaged. 

What is floor sanding?

Here at RYANS, we can complete a three-day floor sanding service to give your wooden flooring a completely new surface. The process starts by using top-quality equipment and dust-extraction technology to strip back the wood, removing any surface-level damage. Once the initial sanding is complete on the first day, we will apply a surface coating to absorb into the wood overnight. On day two, our team will return to inspect the surface of the wood, smoothing out any stubborn areas. A coat of wood varnish will then be applied to harden. On the final day, we will make sure the wood varnish has successfully hardened before applying a second coat. Once the varnish has hardened, your floor will be as good as new! 

Why should you have your wooden floor restored?

There are a few reasons why you might consider having your hardwood flooring restored. The most common reason is due to wooden flooring becoming dull and worn over time. Some damages may be a safety concern, such as dips in the wood becoming trip hazards. It is important that you deal with these safety concerns as soon as possible. In commercial environments, you could be liable for accidents caused by an uneven floor. When the floor is refurbished through sanding, the surface will become level and smooth, removing any potential hazards.

As well as safety concerns, you may want to refurbish your flooring to update the cosmetic look. You may want to refresh the look of the existing floor or give it a completely new look to fit the style of the room. This is possible through the customisation of the colour and finish. Once your floor has been sanded, you might want to choose a specific wood stain and finish. For example, you could choose a mahogany stain with a natural finish. Other wood stains we offer are:

  • Natural wood
  • Victorian pine
  • Antique pine
  • Walnut
  • Teak
  • Black
  • Light/medium/dark/golden oak
  • Rosewood

You could also choose from gloss, matte or a natural finish to highlight the grain of the wood – the choice is yours! We can work with you to achieve the style of your choice, including Scandi style, textured, natural and timeless looks. 

What are your other options for wooden floor refurbishment?

If you don’t want to refurbish your existing wooden floor through floor sanding, or if you don’t currently have hardwood flooring, there is the option to have brand new engineered hardwood flooring installed. Here at RYANS, we use top-quality engineered hardwood planks to create a fully customisable, durable floor. Choose your style of wood from Herringbone, wide plank and 2-strip wood. Each type of plank has an individual look, with wide planks being the most simple, common option of the three. Let us help you choose your fresh, fashionable, functional floor! We can help you throughout the whole process, from choosing the right style to installation. 

Get in touch with us today by popping into our showroom, giving us a call on 01823 674 562, or by visiting our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!

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