Engineered Wood flooring restoration


Installed so that it can be restored easily 

Its important to know what type of flooring you have to understand what finishes to expect with your flooring and its limitations. Engineered wood flooring is fantastic option to have in your home, it doesn’t expand and shrink through the changing of the seasons. It nearly always will be installed to a good level, engineered wood flooring has “leafs” of real wood on top of engineered ply deck. This makes the grain look tighter and usually results in a lighter finish. Only negative to engineered wood flooring when considering floor sanding is the build level of the leafs, this can range from 2mm-5mm. Meaning wood flooring can only be sanded a few times.

There is a huge Variety of engineered wood floors out there but from our experience working in peoples homes, the most common are;

  • Oak 
  • Pine 
  • Teak
  • maple
  • beech

Do you have solid wood flooring that needs restoring?

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