Parquet Floor Sanding in Weston Super Mare

Location: Weston super mare

Material: pine

Specification: Parquet Floor Sanding

Wood floor sanding in Weston super mare. One of Ryan’s projects this week was in Weston super mare, Parquet Floor Sanding, on a beautiful town house that our clients had just moved into recently. Part of the Restoration plans for the house was the flooring, a appointment was attended and decision made to go ahead with the pine floor Restoration.

As you can see from the images this was a traditional pine floor restoration. The boards had remained dormant under the previous owners carpets for years and by the looks of it had never received treatment. There was dust so ingrained in the wood you could be fooled in thinking it was the natural colour. we knew it potential though….

The pine floor sanding in Weston super mare started and did put up a fight for a little. Slowly but surely we managed to level the old pine flooring out and our machines started to reveal the grain of this original flooring that was most likely 80 years plus old. with no signs of rot or repairs anywhere, this was a classic restoration project.

Before long we reached the stage of hoovering and preparing the wooden flooring for its coats of finish. A hard wax oil was chosen on this occasion in silk. 

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