Location: yeovil

Material: Oak

Specification: Wood floor sanding

Wood floor sanding in Yeovil. This week, one of our wooden restoration projects was in Yeovil on a beautiful engineered oak floor.. The flooring had not been restored in 10 years, even though hardwoods such as oak endure they still will need some TLC to bring them back to top condition 

When we started the wood floor sanding in Yeovil, we could see that the grain of the wood was starting to disappear, as the old varnish on the wooden flooring had faded and the dirt over time was started to discolor and shade the oak flooring. we could easily fix this and with our products the restoration would last many years into the future.

As its an engineered board, the sanding process was not challenging and before long with our machinery we had managed to restore the flooring to a state where we could apply a water based matte finish to the floor. The Oak flooring now had its natural golden texture/ shade back. 

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