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We are James and Alex, our parents founded a sprung timber sporting hall floor refurbishment company back in the 1980’s.

Their passion and expertise flowed down through both of us, over 40 years later we are proud of our legacy of their expertise into the new millennium.

Based in and around Wellington and Taunton, our teams are location throughout the South West and South Coast of the UK. Hardwood and Oak flooring will be restored to a condition that may well have been better than the hundreds of years ago that it was installed. We love our industry!

We value our staff, offering training and mentoring and building their skill set in the same way that our family helped us to launch our business.

If you have an Edwardian, Victorian or handmade wooden flooring, we restore the natural beauty to showcase the natural timber grain with our expert and efficient traditional methods.

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Oak Parquet Floor Sanding Bridgwater Restoration

On this wooden flooring restoration project, our team had a beautiful before/after on their hands with a old oak parquet that needed some TLC. The house had been under renovation for some time and the flooring had been left to withstand the use and abuse of many different trades over many months. We could see the potential of the flooring none the less.

When we started the wood floor sanding in Bridgwater, we didn’t know what type of wood it was. After a few runs of our sanding machine it was clear to see the generic oak patterns in the grain and the earthy colour of the wooden flooring.

The parquet Restoration continued as we managed to get all the flooring back to a good condition. Closing the grain, levelling the oak blocks and bringing out the grain. Almost ready for the final stages of the job, we finished the sanding process with an orbital sander which removed all the scratch marks that would otherwise showed through and ruined the finish result.

After this the flooring was hoovered and a primer coat was applied. This brought off an amazing finish to the oak parquet flooring. Our client couldn’t believe the difference.  A final coat of lacquer in gloss was chosen to bring out a rich dark finish to the flooring.

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Bristol Oak Floor Sanding and Wood Restoration

Working in Bristol is nothing new for us, but having a oak floor restoration is. Mainly cause pine flooring is the most prevalent of our restorations in this area. This was however a new home and our client got hold of us because the factory finish on the flooring was not up specification for a downstairs hallway/kitchen of a home. We specialise in Floor Sanding Somerset. Check out our reviews!

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We recommend that the areas with the most high activity areas (in terms of footfall and furniture) should be finished with polyurethane lacquer as it’s much easier to maintain. 

The sanding process was understandably very easy and we were able to restore the flooring back to grain and apply a more durable finish, still keeping a beautiful finish. if we dont say so ourselves.

A primer coat and three coats of strong matte finished lacquer was applied. This should be able to stand up to any amount of kids, dogs and every day wear and tear. 

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Taunton Floor Sanding and Pine Floorboards Restoration

On this wooden flooring restoration project our team were restoring old pine boards that had been under carpet for many years. Waiting for us to get our hands on it…The house was in the middle of Taunton with lovely character features, about to have a main character feature brought back to life.

Before we started restoration work on the flooring, you could see how worn, dark and dull the wood flooring was. We knew this was going to be a great before/after shot. We will bring back the grain of the wood and bring a light finish that would transform the room. The finish came up better than we could of hoped and our client decided on a stunning silk finish.

The Pine floor Restoration continued as we managed to level all the boards and restore a beautiful grain to the floor. The natural colour of the pine returned also and we started to see what the finished article would look like.

The final stages of preparation were being completed and we started applying our finish products, a light, natural silk finish was decided and we feel it was a very good choice. Do you?

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Exeter Pine Wood Floor Sanding

With this wooden floor sanding job in Exeter, you can see the bread and butter of our restoration services. A traditional terrace house with Pine flooring running throughout. Our mission was to infill the gaps in the flooring, restore the grain back to a finish and apply products to lighten and brighten the room. No problem 

When we started the project, by leveling out the pine flooring with low grits on our sanding machines. We then installed the pine fillets with fast setting glue and sawed off the excess. A clean site is a well run site so with that in mind (as it can easily get messy) we tidied up all the sawed off pine fillets and continued sanding through the grits until the floor was fully prepared. 

The colour of the grain really started to show through and with the gaps all filled, a uniformity was added to the floor. Our client on this occasion decided to go for a matt finish. which suits most older homes.

Yeovil Oak Floorboard Sanding

Wood floor sanding in Yeovil. This week, one of our wooden restoration projects was in Yeovil on a beautiful engineered oak floor.. The flooring had not been restored in 10 years, even though hardwoods such as oak endure they still will need some TLC to bring them back to top condition 

When we started the wood floor sanding in Yeovil, we could see that the grain of the wood was starting to disappear, as the old varnish on the wooden flooring had faded and the dirt over time was started to discolor and shade the oak flooring. we could easily fix this and with our products the restoration would last many years into the future.

As its an engineered board, the sanding process was not challenging and before long with our machinery we had managed to restore the flooring to a state where we could apply a water based matte finish to the floor. The Oak flooring now had its natural golden texture/ shade back. 

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Bath, Somerset Oak Herringbone Wooden Flooring Sanding and Restoration

One of our favourite projects from last year! After this the herringbone wood flooring in Bath was finally vacuumed and a primer coat was applied.

On this wooden flooring restoration project our team had the chance of making an old tired oak herringbone floor look amazing again. Oak herringbone are the rolls Royce of wooden floors and in honesty, they cost a fortunate to install. If your lucky enough to pull up a carpet and find one underneath, DO NOT cover it up again.

When we started the wood floor sanding in Bath, we recognized that a few of the blocks were loose, mostly all of the blocks we not level and they had a horrible orange tinge to them where the old varnish had faded and rubbed into the wood. We were confident we could remedy this and make a great wooden flooring restoration project from it


As with all herringbone restorations, it is a longer process and more care has to be taken in the finish of the flooring, this is because the grain flows two ways..

As the expression goes “dont go against the grain” … so we have special machinery to tackle this.

The stages of the restoration in bath went very well and before long the grain was back to a new condition and a finish product ready to apply.

The final coat was applied and this brought off an amazing finish to the oak Herringbone flooring.

A fantastic before and after. 

Sports Hall Flooring with Ryan’s

Just a little shout out to our sister company, we travel UK Nationwide to repair, restore and refurbish sporting arenas, indoor gymnasiums and sports courts. We are so proud to share how transferable our flooring restorations skills are transferred between private, residential and domestic flooring versus large scale sports halls.

Pine Floor Sanding in Plymouth – Flooring Restoration

Even though pine is a soft wood and not as glamorous as oak, it still looks fantastic when restored and finished properly. This pine herringbone had fallen victim the way most do, years of abuse in the home with dogs, kids and every day life. A constant plus side to wooden floor restoration is the flooring can look brand new again. This is what we would do.

This flooring flowed through the hallway and two rooms, making the restoration a little bit more tricky, but nothing our team couldn’t handle.  Sanding of soft woods are often easy but this floor was particularly un level and took a little while to smooth out. Once it had been though, and the beauty of the pines grain restored it really started to transform the room.

The pine flooring in Plymouth was restored after a few days and on the morning of the third we applied the finishing products, a silk light finish was chosen and it really brought a golden finish to the downstairs of the home. our client was very pleased with this. 

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