How to Sand and Varnish a Wooden Floor

Ever wondered how your wooden floor can be brought back to its former glory? Floor sanding is used to restore hardwood flooring which has become worn over the years. The process can take a few days to complete, depending on the contractor. 

Why should you have your wooden flooring restored?

You might consider having your wooden flooring restored if you’ve noticed damage or dullness. The process can remove scratches, stains, marks and other imperfections caused by years of wear and tear. Wooden floor sanding is the perfect addition to any home improvement project. Restoring an old home takes time and patience, but flooring is a good place to start. There is also the option to change the varnish of the flooring to suit the aesthetic of your home – be it gloss, matte, or a natural finish. 

Especially in older properties, it can be incredible to see decades-old flooring restored to its original state. You might find beautiful hardwood flooring hidden underneath carpets or other floor coverings, simply needing a bit of TLC. 

How are wooden floors restored through sanding?

The process of sanding a wooden floor is quite simple. You could choose to complete the floor sanding by yourself (if you have the right equipment) or you might want to consider hiring a contractor to complete the work professionally. 

Before starting sanding, you should remove any furniture and skirting board that obstructs your access to the flooring. You might also want to cover any surfaces with a sheet to protect them from dust (this isn’t essential with Ryans, as we use expert dust-extraction technology). If you hire a professional, they will most likely do this for you, but you can move the furniture yourself if you wish. 

Coarse grit is first used on the wood – a high level of friction is initially needed to remove old coatings and create a flat surface. Depending on the type of wood you have, and the amount of damage, it could need several layers of sanding to create the desired look. It’s advisable not to sand the wood more than once or twice during one service, as this can make the wood brittle and more susceptible to damage. 

Once the floor is smooth, surface coatings and varnishes can be applied to strengthen the wood and create a certain finish. This process is best carried out by a professional, as it can be tricky and time-consuming without practice. At Ryans, we can complete the floor sanding in just three days. 

What are the options for wooden floor staining?

The next step after wooden floor sanding is the exciting part, the general aesthetic/look. Many stains and primers are available to give your floor a new look, customising it to suit your personal preferences. At Ryans, we offer a range of colours including:

  • Natural wood
  • Victorian pine
  • Antique pine
  • Walnut
  • Teak
  • Black
  • Light oak
  • Medium oak
  • Dark oak
  • Golden oak
  • Rosewood
  • Dark rich mahogany

It’s important to create the perfect vibe for your home and we understand that it can be difficult to choose a stain without seeing it first. Every floor will reflect the stain differently, depending on the type, style, and finish of the wood. This is why, at Ryans, we can do tester patches on your floor to show what each stain would look like. This way, you can make an informed decision about which stain to choose. Each stain will highlight the natural grain of the wood, some appearing darker than others. Samples can be applied on newly installed floors as well as floors going through the restoration process. The staining process will take place after sanding before varnish is applied to seal the wood. Keep reading to find out the types of varnish you could choose from. 

What types of varnish can be applied to wooden flooring?

At Ryans, we can stain, finish and cure your restored flooring to suit your home. Hardwood floors are usually finished using hard wax oil or water-based lacquer, however, you could choose to have your floor stained to your desired colour. This is the ideal opportunity to adjust the look of your flooring. You could also choose from a gloss, silk or matte varnish to create your unique wooden floor. 

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