Insulating and Filling Gaps for Wooden Floors and Flooring

Insulate your flooring and add uniformity to the finished Restoration.

Gaps in wooden flooring is a natural thing to come across. whether by acclimatisation of the seasons or by design from old installation methods, but with wooden flooring restoration these days they can be overcome. Having the gaps in your wooden floor filled when having a restoration project is essential for a few reasons. One being draft exclusion and minimisation, if you have a basement or a void under your house, the amount of cold air travelling through your floor could be alarming. Also when the gaps are filled on a wooden floor, it adds a uniformity and tidiness to the overall finish. Will also make maintenance on your new restored floor a lot easier. 

How we do it?… Insulating and filling gaps in your floor – If your floor needs insulating and filling  – and the gaps are large then pine fillets are installed. (V shaped wedges of timber that are glued into the gaps and saw off when sanding). Or resin mixed with the sawdust from the sanding will be trawled over your flooring. (normally for parquets). Lastly a putty matching the colour tone of your floor can be locally applied before final stages of restoration.  

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What our customers say about our wooden floor restoration

Tone FM recently moved into the Market House where the offices have parquet flooring which has been covered for nearly 20 years! After the old carpets were removed during the refurbishment, the flooring was in an awful state but James and Alex completely transformed our flooring in a day!
Not only did they do a fantastic job on our floor, they were friendly, accommodating and explained how the process will work, keeping me informed through the day, as I wasn’t about.
I cannot recommend them highly enough and would be happy to use our office to showcase anybody who wanted to see the quality of their workmanship.
Tone FM