Reasons to hire floor sanding experts

Are you thinking of having your hardwood floors sanded as part of your home restoration project? It’s always a good idea to hire floor sanding experts to complete the job. But why is floor sanding a good idea and why should you always hire a professional to complete the job? Keep reading to find out!

Why should you have your hardwood floors restored?

If your wooden floor is looking like it needs a bit of TLC, or you want to customise its appearance, floor sanding is the right option for you. Sanding will remove any imperfections in the wood from years of wear and tear. This stops these damages from becoming more serious problems. If you want to customise your floor with a wood stain, floor sanding is a necessary step before the stain is applied.

Do you have an engineered wooden floor? That can be sanded, too! As engineered wood is topped with a layer of hardwood, this can be sanded 3-4 times with no issues. Solid hardwood floors can be sanded time and again, allowing them to be restored multiple times, improving their lifespan greatly. If you’re ready to invest in floor sanding in your home, it’s time to decide who to hire for the job. Read on to find out why a floor sanding expert is always the best option.

Specialist skills

Choosing a professional means you’ll always receive the best results as they’ll utilise the skills and knowledge they’ve gained through years of experience. Working with a range of different hardwood floors means they’ll understand the different requirements of each floor and be able to resolve any complications with ease. They’ll have gained skills through specialist training, meaning they’ll know everything there is to know about floor sanding. Any floor restoration project worked on by a floor sanding specialist is sure to be high-quality, taking pride in their work and delivering the best service possible.

Professional equipment

A major downfall of restoring your floor by yourself is that you won’t have access to the range of equipment that an expert would. The right equipment can drastically improve efficiency, as well as the overall outcome. As well as this, professional equipment utilises dust-extraction technology. This means you won’t have to worry about lots of dust particles in your home, or going to extra lengths to protect your furniture and walls. Of course, you could rent equipment, however, this doesn’t guarantee you’ll use it effectively and it may be more of a timely process (and more expensive if it goes wrong!).


When you have your floor restored professionally, it’ll save you time and will last longer. This makes hiring a professional much more cost-effective, making your hardwood floors last for another 7-10 years without needing restoration. A restored hardwood floor adds more than just beauty to your home. It’s an investment, meaning it adds value to the property.

High-quality results

It might seem obvious, but when you hire a professional you’ll notice a much higher quality outcome than if you were to do it yourself. You’ll achieve the best finishing quality when you hire floor sanding experts. Plus, they’ll be able to offer advice on maintaining your floor after restoration. Stains must be applied correctly to last for many years to come, otherwise, you might need to complete the floor sanding process again in 2-3 years. If you’re looking for long-lasting, high-quality results, hiring a professional is the best way to achieve this. 

Choose your floor sanding experts

Planning on hiring a professional to complete your floor sanding project? Here at RYANS, we’ve got the perfect team for the job. With over 40 years of experience as a company, we pride ourselves on our expert skills and high satisfaction rate. We have engineers across the South West of the UK in Bristol, Dorchester, Exeter, Yeovil and Somerset. 

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