What are Plank Floors?

As a wooden flooring company, we provide a range of different flooring styles. Choosing the perfect flooring for your home can be difficult, which is why we’re here to help! Keep reading to learn about plank and parquet hardwood flooring. 

What are the different wooden flooring styles?

There are a few different flooring styles you can choose from for your new hardwood floor. Plank flooring is the most popular option, providing a sleek, modern look. Our other options include parquet or 2-strip flooring.

Plank Flooring

Plank flooring is one of the most common styles we provide as a wooden flooring company. You can choose from a range of plank widths, with wide plank being the more luxurious option. Wide plank flooring showcases the wood’s natural grain, bringing class to any room. Here at RYANS, we use Junckers wood plank floor, which comes in widths of 129mm, 140mm and 185mm. Of course, the price of these planks does increase with the width, as wider planks are more difficult to get hold of. With that said, a wide plank floor is an incredible investment for your home or business, increasing the value of the property.

Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring is a more detailed style of hardwood floor. A range of geometric patterns can be created using angled pieces of wood. The most popular type of parquet flooring is herringbone. Herringbone is a style that can be traced back to the 1600s, creating a sense of timeless elegance in a modern home. Named after its resemblance to the bones of a fish, herringbone flooring is a detailed pattern which will make a statement when installed. Of course, this is an intricate pattern that requires precise measurements, so it’s best to have this floor installed by a professional wooden flooring company or installer.

2-Strip Flooring

2-strip flooring is similar to plank flooring, however, it consists of 2 rows of wood per floorboard. This creates a more characterful vibe within a room, with a less uniform look compared to a standard plank floor. The natural grain of the wood is still extremely prevalent in this style of flooring, so there’s no need to worry about a loss of detail. This style of flooring is the most budget-friendly option, while still adding warmth and comfort to the space. 

How can you customise your wooden floor?

Of course, there’s more to choose from than just the style of the wood. You can also customise the colour and finish. You might want to emphasise the detailed grain of your wide plank flooring with a certain finish or stain. Whether you’d like a whitewash herringbone floor or a dark oak, wide plank floor – we can help! As a professional wooden flooring company, we can install the wooden flooring of your dreams, helping you through every step of the process to ensure you’re thrilled with the result. Here are some stains you can choose from:

  • Natural wood
  • Victorian pine
  • Antique pine
  • Walnut
  • Teak
  • Black
  • Light/medium/dark/golden oak
  • Rosewood
  • Dark rich mahogany

Why is it best to hire a professional wooden flooring company?

You might feel confident installing your own hardwood flooring, however, we suggest hiring a professional to complete the job. It may be slightly more expensive, however, it is the only way to ensure perfect results. Especially with more complex flooring styles such as parquet flooring, an expert will have the experience and skills required to complete the installation process smoothly and efficiently. As well as this, a professional will be able to provide you with any advice or answers to questions you might have. 

Which wooden flooring company should you choose?

With over 40 years of experience, RYANS is your best choice of wooden flooring company in the South West UK. We pride ourselves on our quality workmanship and client communication. We’ll always provide you with the best results, with a sense of efficiency and professionalism. Here are some of the qualities that make us unique as a floor sanding and installation company:

  • Expert knowledge and advice
  • Professional workmanship
  • A full range of equipment
  • Highly recommended by customers

Interested in having hardwood flooring installed? Whether you’ve chosen plank, herringbone or 2-strip, we can help! Get in touch with our team by giving us a call on 01823 674562 or visiting our contact page