Whitewash parquet floor: What you need to know

You may have heard of whitewash parquet floor in the past. But what exactly is whitewashing and why should you consider it for your hardwood flooring?

What is parquet flooring?

Parquet flooring dates back to the mid to late 1600s, getting its name from the French ‘parqueterie’. Most commonly associated with Versailles, this type of wood flooring is made up of small blocks or strips of wood. These strips of wood are laid out to create a geometric pattern. It is sometimes referred to as mosaic flooring due to its decorative effect. The patterns created can vary, with more complex designs being available. In the modern-day, the most common form of parquet flooring is the herringbone pattern, favoured for its simplicity and classic look. Herringbone still creates a statement compared to standard wooden flooring, however, it doesn’t include more complex features such as stars, suns and other geometric shapes. 

Parquet flooring can be installed using solid or engineered wood, although traditionally it would have been created using 100% solid wood. Engineered wood has become common in recent years, made from layers of different types of wood and topped with hardwood. Both types of wood will create the same visual effect. 

It is important to hire a professional when installing parquet flooring, as the process can be quite complex. Compared to other types of wooden flooring, parquet flooring is more difficult to measure as the angles will differ from the typical 90-degree angle of traditional plank flooring. These angles must be correct to create a precise pattern. 

What is whitewash parquet floor?

Whitewashing is the process of painting the flooring with a whitewash to give it a lighter colour. This style is often found in homes with Scandinavian or Nordic influences due to their minimalistic aesthetics. A chic vibe could also be created with this style of flooring, incorporating vintage or eclectic furnishings to create a classic yet modern look. Whitewash flooring can also be used to brighten a space, creating a simple, light base. As well as brightening a room, it can help to make the space look larger. 

Typically, a white stain or tinted sealer is applied to hardwood flooring. This lightens the floor while keeping the grain, maintaining the natural pattern of the wood. This avoids the wood losing all of its character and becoming too clinical. 

How is whitewash parquet floor created?

Whitewashing a wooden floor is a process you can complete yourself if you’re confident enough. However, we would recommend hiring a professional to complete the project to avoid mishaps. Typically, the process involves four main steps:

  1. Prepare the floor. Preparation is a vital step in any project to ensure the best results. As the entire floor will need to be accessed, it is best to remove any furniture in the room. The varnish should also be removed from the wood – this can be achieved through wooden floor sanding. This process will also remove any imperfections from the surface of the wood. The hardwood flooring should be clean and dry. 
  1. Apply the whitewash. Once the floor has been prepared, the whitewash can be applied. Professional whitewash should be used to achieve the best results. This could be a white stain or white tinted sealer. Going with the grain of the wood, apply the white stain with a brush.
  1. Make sure the desired look has been created. When the whitewash has fully dried, you can assess the overall look. You can then either apply more whitewash, sand down areas or leave it as it is. 
  1. Apply the wood seal. When you’re happy with the colour, a seal should be applied to protect the wood. Once this is dry, the process is complete!

Professional whitewash flooring at RYANS Restoration

Here at RYANS, we can help you achieve this whitewashed effect to a professional standard! Our experienced team can complete the process in as little as three days. You don’t have to have parquet flooring, either, this look can be achieved on any hardwood flooring. If you’re looking to replace your existing flooring with parquet flooring, we also specialise in hardwood flooring installation. 

Interested in our hardwood flooring installation or restoration services? Get in touch with us today to discuss your dream floor!