Wood Floor Sanding in Bath

Location: Bath

Material: Oak herringbone 

Specification: Wood floor sanding

Wood floor sanding in Bath. On this wooden flooring restoration project our team had the chance of making an old tired oak herringbone floor look amazing again. Oak herringbone are the rolls Royce of wooden floors and in honesty, they cost a fortunate to install. If your lucky enough to pull up a carpet and find one underneath, DO NOT cover it up again.

When we started the wood floor sanding in Bath, we recognized that a few of the blocks were loose, mostly all of the blocks we not level and they had a horrible orange tinge to them where the old varnish had faded and rubbed into the wood. We were confident we could remedy this and make a great wooden flooring restoration project from it

As with all herringbone restorations, it is a longer process and more care has to be taken in the finish of the flooring, this is because the grain flows two ways, as the expression goes “dont go against the grain” … so we have special machinery to tackle this. The stages of the restoration in bath went very well and before long the grain was back to a new condition and a finish product ready to apply.

After this the flooring was hoovered and a primer coat was applied. This brought off an amazing finish to the oak Herringbone flooring. A fantastic before and after. 

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