Wooden Floor Sanding In 3 Days With No Dust!

Over time, wooden flooring can become dull, damaged, and outdated. Floor sanding is the perfect way to bring a new life to your wooden floor, and it can be completed in just 3 days! 

All types of hardwood flooring can be restored through a sanding process, be it solid or engineered. Your floor could be oak, pine, teak, maple, or beech, it doesn’t matter. As long as it’s hardwood flooring, your floor can be brought back to its former glory through sanding! 

How is wooden floor sanding completed in 3 days?

At RYANS Restoration, we can complete the floor sanding process in just 3 days, completely dust-free! Our 3-day process includes sanding, sealing and varnishing, to bring back the original grain of your flooring. Our fully qualified team of restoration engineers use specialist machinery and finishing products to ensure every wooden floor sanding project is completed to the highest possible standard. 

This is what to expect from our 3-day floor sanding process:

Day One

On day one, our expert team will get started with sanding your flooring. This process will remove the layer of polyurethane finish from your floor, as well as smoothing out any damage or wear and tear that has occurred over the years. We make sure to use top-of-the-range dust extraction equipment to minimise all wood particles. Once the initial sanding is complete, we will apply a surface coating to dry overnight. 

Day Two 

Our team will return on the second day to assess how the surface coating has dried overnight, as well as inspect the floor to make sure it is smooth. Any stubborn areas will be revisited at this point, before a coat of wooden varnish is applied. The finish is customisable, based on your personal preference. This could include a matte, gloss or natural finish. 

Day Three 

On the final day of the process, we will complete a final inspection of the wood and how well the surface coating has been absorbed. If all is well, a second coat of varnish is applied to reveal your floor’s natural wood grain. 

After these 3 days, once the second coat of varnish has dried (usually overnight) your wooden flooring restoration is complete! 

How much does wooden floor sanding cost?

The cost of wooden floor sanding varies depending on the size of your room, as well as how many rooms need to be restored. An average room of 13 square metres will cost around £900 for the full restoration process. This price then scales upwards with the size of your room to between £1,500 and £2,000. 

Floor sanding is generally a more cost-effective, time-saving option compared to replacing your flooring, as well as being the more environmentally-friendly choice. Floor sanding recycles the flooring you currently have, reducing the amount of waste created. Any sawdust produced as a result of sanding is used to power the RYANS Restorations store, meaning nothing goes to waste!

If you’re looking to restore the flooring in your entire house, this process could take up to a week, depending on the size of your home. Our 3-day process applies to one standard room of around 13 square metres. 

Unsure about the cost of restoration for your home? Get in touch with us to receive more information or a quote. 

What are the other options for floor restoration?

If your flooring can’t be restored, or you just want to have a completely new floor installed, there are other options for you. We supply and fit hardwood flooring all over the South West and South Coast of the UK. You can pick your dream floor with us, from the style of wood to the finish. 

The types of wood we provide include:

  • Herringbone flooring. This is wooden flooring in geometric patterns, bringing a timeless elegance to any property. This flooring can create a sophisticated, classic aesthetic in both modern and contemporary homes. 
  • Plank floors. This flooring is a classic choice for any room. Plank flooring won’t take away from the overall decor of the room, complementing any visual aesthetic. 
  • 2-strip wooden flooring. This flooring consists of short staves of wood, in rows of two per floorboard. This creates a less uniform look compared to a standard plank floor, making it more visually interesting. It is also typically a less costly option.

All of these flooring options are hard-wearing and can be restored time and again through wooden floor sanding. This makes them an excellent investment for any property, improving the visual appeal and increasing resale value.

If you’re interested in any of our wooden flooring services, please feel free to get in touch with us by calling us on 01823 674562 or by visiting our website.

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