Pine Wooden Floor Restoration

You might be wondering whether it’s worth restoring your old pine floorboards. At RYANS, we offer pine wooden floor restoration to bring your hardwood floor back to its former glory. Keep reading to learn more about restoring a pine wood floor. 

Old pine flooring

The use of pine as floorboards rose exponentially during the Industrial Revolution. This was due to the introduction of steam power, which was utilised in sawmills. In early pine flooring, ‘tongue and groove’ installation wasn’t available as it was all done by hand. Instead, the floorboards were nailed to pine joists with iron clasp nails. This type of nail was used to avoid wood splitting, as the ends were blunt. However, these iron nails were prone to rusting and staining the surrounding wood.

The outside edges of the floor were painted to prevent the floorboards from rotting in damp areas close to walls. This paint isn’t particularly appealing, however, these floors were never meant to be on show and were solely used as a practical flooring solution. Often, they were covered with carpet, which is why you might choose to have your pine flooring restored to remove this paint and reveal its natural beauty.

Can you fill in the gaps between floorboards?

Original pine flooring is suspended over joists. As the wood expands and contracts with varying moisture levels, gaps can form between the floorboards. These gaps can lead to draughts and, therefore, a cold room. It is possible to fill the gaps between boards using a mixture of sanding dust and resin to create a paste. This paste will sink into the gaps, harden, and blend with the floorboards. The only problem with this is that this resin can’t move with the wood, so the filler does tend to crack over time.

Another method to consider is filling the gaps with slivers of wood. These wedges are fixed in place using PVA glue. Unfortunately, these pieces of wood are prone to splitting, which can lead to splinters. 

Flexible wood filler is the best solution for filling in gaps between pine floorboards. This filler will last for years. Of course, you can opt for not filling in the gaps at all, which will provide plenty of room for the boards to expand and contract.

How is pine wooden floor restoration carried out?

Before the process of floor sanding begins, the boards should be checked for any damages that might need repairing. This includes cracked boards or boards that have been incorrectly cut by tradesmen such as plumbers to fit pipework. Reclaimed boards are usually used to replace the damaged wood, fitting in well with the existing floor.

Old pine floorboards will need to be sanded down well to remove staining from iron nails and the paint surrounding the edge of the room. It’s important not to remove too much of the surface as the wood can become weak and unable to support heavy furniture. A maximum of 2-3mm should be removed. You might notice that some of the staining is still there, however, we think this creates a rustic look, desired by many. 

Once the floor has been sanded, a protective top coat can be applied to make the wood more durable. This coating will protect the wood from dampness as well as general wear and tear.

Can you stain pine wood floors?

Lacquer and oil finishes can be used on pine wood floors. If you’re looking to customise the floor further, you can opt to apply a coating of wood stain. Floor paint is also an option if you’d like a more solid colour. You can choose to lighten, darken, or bring out the natural details in the wood with a stain or finish. If you’re unsure of which stain to choose, we can apply swatches to your floor to see which works best in your home.

Is pine wooden floor restoration worth the cost?

Refurbishing an old pine floor will create a rustic, shabby chic look. If that’s what you’re trying to achieve, this could be the perfect option for you. It won’t look like a brand new, engineered floor, however, if this is what you’d prefer. Pine is a softwood, so it does tend to mark easily so this is something to consider. The cost of restoring a pine floor is far cheaper than having a brand new, hardwood floor installed. It’s all up to your personal preference!

If you’re interested in our pine wooden floor restoration services, please get in touch with us for a chat about your project!