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Wood Floor Sanding

Commercial & Domestic Wood Floor Sanding Services

Our wood floor sanding services are the perfect option if you are looking to restore your old wooden flooring. Using state-of-the-art equipment and machines, we will ensure that your floors are sanded back in preparation for a new wood varnish or lacquer.

No matter the type of wood floor you have, or if this is in your home or at a commercial property, we can handle the project from start to finish. Our machines are designed to eliminate 99% of dust, giving you complete peace of mind that your property will remain clean, and you will not be inhaling dust particles.

To restore your floors to their former glory, simply give us a call.

99% Dust-free Sanding
Commercial & Domestic Wood Floor Restoration
Over 30 Years' Experience

Why Should You Sand Your Floor?

Sanding your floor back, in order to restore it, is absolutely crucial for the success of the end result. Sanding a wood floor will eliminate any cracks, dents or other damages that have appeared during its lifetime. It will also ensure that the new finish is smooth and level.

Sanding the floor will also prolong its lifespan and make maintenance and cleaning much easier, not to mention improving the overall aesthetic.

Sanding back a floor can make the entire appearance completely different once the varnish has been added. You will be able to appreciate and view the texture and natural pattern of the wood much more clearly, as well as brightening up the colour. A once old and drab wooden floor can look like brand new.


Typically, staining will only affect the surface of your floor. The sanding process will usually remove any stains or marks that are visible, leaving you with a new looking floor.

No it doesn’t. We can sand back hard and soft wood including oak, pine, teak, maple and more. If your floor is particularly delicate, we will adjust our sanding process to protect it.

Yes absolutely. Sanding and restoring your old wood floor is going to be hugely cost-effective, more so than replacing the floor. It is also more environmentally friendly, reducing copious amounts of waste. With our services, we will fully transform your existing floor, so it looks like new.

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