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Our Wooden Floor Restoration Process

Bring Your Wooden Floor Back To Life

If you are looking for wooden floor restoration across Wellington or beyond, give our team a call today. We specialise in bringing your floors back to life and removing dents, scratches and stains, giving them a new lease of life. This option is ideal if you don’t have the budget for a brand new wooden floor and would like to restore your existing one.

Our process allows us to restore your floor very quickly. Using professional equipment and a team of experienced flooring engineers, we can restore your floors to their former glory in no time at all. What’s more, with our dust-free sanding services, we will leave your property completely free of dust and ready to use.

Simply give us a call today to arrange our restoration services.

Rejuvenated Wooden Floors
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3-Step Restoration Process

Our restoration process can be completed in 3 easy steps:

Step 1 - The Sanding Process

At the first stage, we will sand your floor. We will make special effort to go over areas that are scratched or dented, removing/reducing the appearance of these imperfections. We will also go over stains, reducing them completely or minimising their look.

Worried about dust? Don’t be! Our professional sanders have built-in dust extraction, so the dust created whilst sanding, will be swiftly removed.

Once the sanding process is completed, we will make sure that everywhere has been effectively sanded and the floor is now level and ready for your chosen stain/ varnish.

Step 2 - Surface Coating Will Be Applied

We will then apply a surface coating. This will offer protection to your wooden floors in preparation for your wood varnish and final finish. This coating is quite quick drying, so we can swiftly move on to the final step.

Step 3 - Final Finish

We will now apply your final finish. At this stage you can choose your colour. If you would like a darker finish, we have a variety of gradients to choose from. We will then let this absorb into the wood, ensuring an even colour. Once dry, we will apply a hardening lacquer, giving the floor ultimate protection.

Once everything is dry, you can restore your room to normal and start using your new and improved wood floor.


Yes, we can sand back and restore engineered wood floors. The only types of wood floors we cannot sand are artificial options such as laminate. Solid wood and engineered wood can be sanded. We would only sand engineered wood back by around 1.5mm, solid wood can withstand deeper sanding.

Yes it can be. This is why we recommend staying out of the room we are sanding and to also inform your neighbours. If you are having your commercial premises or school halls sanded, we are very flexible, offering out of school/working hours to minimise disruption.

The lacquer we use is from Bona, a leading floor brand. This lacquer is scratch resistant, however it is not fully scratch proof. Meaning, that if something very heavy or sharp scrapes along the floor, this may cause damage. So, we recommend looking after your floors as much as possible, reducing the risks of scratches and marks.

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