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Ryans were founded in the 1980s and the family run business prides itself on delivering the highest quality and best service. Ryans is run by brothers James and Alex, whose parents founded a sprung timber sporting hall floor refurbishment company, their passion and expertise flowed down through to their sons, who, over 40 years later are proud of their legacy and take their expertise into the new millennium.

Our skilled and fully trained teams are located throughout the South West and South Coast of the UK, we serve Bristol, Bath, Dorchester, Plymouth, Yeovil, Taunton, Portishead and Clevedon as well as Nationwide around the UK.

Our expert staff will work tirelessly and your hardwood and Oak flooring will be restored to a condition that may well have been better than the hundreds of years ago that it was installed.

If you have any wooden floor, we can restore its natural beauty to showcase the natural timber grain with our expert and efficient traditional methods.

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Hardwood and Oak Flooring Supply and Fit in Bristol, Dorchester, Exeter and Somerset

As well as restoration and sanding wood floors, we supply and fit Hardwood flooring. Wooden flooring adds a characteristic feature to your home as well as warmth and style. Numerous studies have shown wooden flooring adds value to a household. Fashionable and functional, wooden flooring is always a brilliant option for your home, though it may not be a durable as vinyl counterparts, it can, of course, be refurbished to look new again.

The first thing to consider is the style of your flooring. We can offer advice here if you need it but as a guide;

Herringbone –  geometric patterns, tells the story of castles, classical mansion houses and museums. The aesthetics and timeless elegance of a herringbone floor is unique. The striking pattern makes the floor appear detailed and immediately catches your attention when entering the room and at the same time you get an extremely durable floor, which can be restored to perfection again and again.

Plank – If you’re looking to bring refined elegance to your project choose Junckers solid plank flooring. The sheer beauty of a hardwood floor made from solid planks is an amazing sight. The long, broad planks, with all their natural details, adds a sense of calming elegance to every room. A solid plank floor gives a style that looks absolutely stunning in any room.

Two Stave – Junckers two stave wood flooring consists of short staves of wood in two rows per floorboard. It is an expressive, characterful wooden floor with natural patterns in the timber. The two stave wood floors look more lively, as opposed to the more uniform looking plank floor. A two stave wooden floor is often a less costly option than a plank wooden floor.

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Hardwood Oak Wooden Flooring, or Pine Floorboards Supply and Fit and Varnish

The species of wood you choose for your wooden floor is important. Each is totally unique and offers varying patterns to suit your overall look. All of our wood flooring is bespoke, made to individual specifications. The choice is yours… timber, board width, board length, profile, texture, stain and finish. All our products are engineered, meaning that they are more stable and allow for a greater range of customisation

Our UV Oil Rollercoater finishing line allows us to stain, finish and cure our luxury engineered wooden flooring in minutes, to the highest standards, to any specification. We use a British manufacture for all our products.

To find out more about our supply and fitting of hardwood floors read here.

Wooden Floor Suppy and Fit Yeovil, Plymouth, Bath, Bristol UK

Location: Exeter

Material: Pine

Specification: Sanding wood floors

On this Wooden floor sanding job, you can see the bread and butter of our restoration services. A traditional terrace house with Pine flooring running throughout. Our mission was to infill the gaps in the flooring, restore the grain back to a finish and apply products to lighten and brighten the room. No problem

When we started the project, by levelling out the pine flooring with low grits on our sanding machines. We then installed the pine fillets with fast setting glue and sawed off the excess. A clean site is a well run site so with that in mind (as it can easily get messy) we tidied up all the sawed off pine fillets and continued sanding through the grits until the floor was fully prepared.

The colour of the grain really started to show through and with the gaps all filled, a uniformity was added to the floor. Our client on this occasion decided to go for a matt finish. which suits most older homes.

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