Solid wood flooring Restoration

A Type of flooring that can be restored again and again.

Its important to know what type of flooring you have to understand what finishes to expect with your flooring and its limitations. Solid wood flooring is a great type of flooring to have in your home but It can also be prone to being un level and warping. With solid wood flooring comes the likely hood of expansion and shrinkage as we go through the seasons. This can result in unsightly gaps in your floor, which we can remedy for you during a restoration. The Huge plus of solid wood flooring however is it can be sanded a large amount of times and restored to a new finish to counter act these problems.

There is a huge Variety of Solid wood floors out there but from our experience working in peoples homes, the most common are;

  • Oak 
  • Pine 
  • Teak
  • maple
  • beech

Do you have solid wood flooring that needs restoring?

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