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Floor sanding is the process of sanding back the grain of wooden flooring to restore it back to a new condition. In the process of floor sanding any damage such as scratches/stains/marks or any imperfections are removed, resulting in a fresh wooden floor ready to have a new finish applied to any style or finish you desire for your home. Floor sanding can be carried out on solid or engineered wood flooring and on any style of wood flooring.   

At RYANS we use top quality machinery and finishing products to ensure each and every wooden floor sanding project is completed to the highest possible standard. Our team of restoration engineers are fully qualified and always conscious of the fact that we are working in your home, obliging and ready to answer any questions you may have. 

We do Floor Sanding projects in the following Cities and surrounding Area's




Weston Super Mare 






The Green Option

Large project or small, we can carry out sanding projects on a single room or an entire house. A standard room can take 1/2 days. Wooden floor restoration on an entire house can be a week, depending on specification. Floor sanding Is a great green option when looking for a new floor, why not consider floor sanding; done in half the time of a traditional installation as machinery based. Often half the price as no material outlay other than products. Most importantly recycling what you currently have rather than re placing. All products are all low VOC and the only waste product is sawdust, which we use to power our store.

Will it will be too expensive? ...

All our restorations are cheaper than any wooden installations

Will there be too much dust everywhere?

Our sanding machines are 98% dust free. No dust is generated from the floor sanding and all homes are left in a clean condition.

Is it hard to maintain afterwards?

All of our products we apply after the restoration are low maintenance, making for an easy life.

Will it take too long?

We have team of 9 restoration engineers, so we can meet any time constraints put on us…

I want a totally custom finish ....

We can apply any colour to your floor with any finish sheen, making it a more custom option than buying new…

Wooden Floor Sanding Company


We are one of the UK’s largest flooring companies, specialising in floor restoration and sanding in Somerset and Devon  – indeed, across many counties and cities in the south-west of the UK.

Ryans thought it prudent to showcase the locations we work regularly.  We are really fortunate to have a loyal following of satisfied clients in each city we work in and have built up a reputation for high quality, specialised work. It’s important to know we can cover any area. Unlike other flooring companies specialising in the residential market, we do travel anywhere in the South-west. Being a larger company we can often fit in work on short notice and offer high  level of customer service.

As a company, we want to carry out high standards of wooden flooring restoration wherever we go.  If you have any questions or queries then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Floor sanding in Somerset and Devon means we work regularly in the main cities of:

  • Plymouth

  • Exeter

  • Taunton

  • Weston-super-mare

  • Bristol

  • Bath

If you have a floor that needs sanding and refurbishing to a high standard then please get in touch with the wooden floor restoration professionals now.

At Ryan’s we are passionate about what we do and have mastered our craft –  continuously producing stunning results.

We use our skills and extensive knowledge to transform wood floors, including floor sanding, floor varnishing and wood floor repairs.

We have expert knowledge of products to use on these special floors, enabling us to tailor our floor restoration to get the best out of each specific floor.  No two floors are the same!

Contact us today if you need a floor sanding estimate and same day quote with guarantee on any restoration work.  We can advise you on the best course of action to restore your floor to it previous glory!

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