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Floor sanding 

Floor sanding is the process of sanding back the grain of wooden flooring to restore it back to a new condition. In the process of floor sanding any damage such as scratches/stains/marks or any imperfections are removed, resulting in a fresh wooden floor ready to have a new finish applied to any style or finish you desire for your home. Floor sanding can be carried out on solid or engineered wood flooring and on any style of wood flooring.   

At RYANS we use top quality machinery and finishing products to ensure each and every wooden floor sanding project is completed to the highest possible standard. Our team of restoration engineers are fully qualified and always conscious of the fact that we are working in your home, obliging and ready to answer any questions you may have. 

Will it will be too expensive? ...

All our restorations are cheaper than any wooden installations

Will there be too much dust everywhere?

Our sanding machines are 98% dust free. No dust is generated from the floor sanding and all homes are left in a clean condition.

Is it hard to maintain afterwards?

All of our products we apply after the restoration are low maintenance, making for an easy life.

Will it take too long?

We have team of 9 restoration engineers, so we can meet any time constraints put on us…

I want a totally custom finish ....

We can apply any colour to your floor with any finish sheen, making it a more custom option than buying new…

Floor sanding examples.....


Pine restoration with gloss finish

Pine with natural matte finish

Teak finger block parquet, natural gloss finish

Engineered oak with natural silk finish

Pine herringbone with matte natural finish

Oak herringbone with natural matte finish

Enginnered oak with natural matte finish

Pine flooring with medium tone silk finish

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