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Here at RYANS, we’re so proud of our family heritage. The company was founded in the 1980s, with brothers Alex and James working together to deliver complete customer satisfaction. Over 40 years on, we still pride ourselves on our wealth of knowledge, experience and skills. We have wooden floor restoration experts located in Bristol, Dorchester, Exeter, Yeovil and Somerset. 

Floor sanding is a great way to spruce up your wooden flooring and is something we deliver top-quality results in. We utilise professional equipment, products and experienced workmanship to ensure every project is completed to the highest possible standard. 

Dust-Free Floor Sanding, Completed in just 3 days

The process of floor sanding removes existing damage such as scratches, stains, or marks from your current wooden flooring. From this point, any finish can be added to create your desired look. This can bring a new life to your outdated wooden flooring, bringing a modern look to your home or business. Floor sanding can be carried out on solid or engineered wood flooring and any style of wood flooring.

At RYANS Restoration, we can complete the floor sanding process in just three days. Within these 3 days, our team will achieve incredible results. 

Day One

From the first day, we will begin the floor sanding process. No need to worry about dust! We’ve got professional dust extraction technology. This will minimise all wood particles while we undertake the sanding. Once the initial sanding is complete, we then add a surface coating that will be applied to dry overnight.

Day Two

On day two, our team will assess the initial floor sanding, going over any areas which might need retouching. Once this is complete, a coat of wood varnish is applied to harden overnight.

Day Three

On the final day of restoration, our team will make sure the surface coating has been absorbed by the wood. Once the first layer has been absorbed, a second coat will be applied – this will finalise the process.

One average-sized room (around 13 square metres) will cost around £900, this price scales upwards to between £1,500 and £2,000 depending on the size of the room.

For expert advice on restoring your wooden flooring with our exclusive 3-day sanding, sealing and varnishing service, call us on 01823 674562 or send us a message.

Hardwood and All Wood Types of Flooring

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Wooden Floor Restoration Experts - 40 Years Professional Experience

Our team of fully qualified wooden flooring restoration engineers is available to work across the South West UK. We pride ourselves on our customer service, so our engineers are always conscious of the fact that we are working in your home and are happy to answer any questions you might have.

We have decades of experience in wooden floor restoration, so you know that you and your flooring are in safe hands. Using top-quality materials and machinery, we’ll have your floor back to its former glory as fast as possible.

Floor Sanding Oak Flooring Supply Fit Hardwood Restoration Dorchester Somerset Sanding Bristol Floors Supply and Fit Portishead Hardwood Floorboards Clevedon Weston-super-Mare Taunton Exeter Wellington
Floor Sanding Oak Flooring Supply Fit Hardwood Restoration Dorchester Somerset Sanding Bristol Floors Supply and Fit Portishead Hardwood Floorboards Clevedon Weston-super-Mare Taunton Exeter Wellington

Environmentally Friendly and Green

Floor sanding is generally a more cost-effective, time-saving option compared to replacing your flooring, as well as being the more environmentally-friendly choice. Floor sanding recycles the flooring you currently have, reducing the amount of waste created. All products are low VOC and any sawdust produced as a result of sanding is used to power the RYANS Restorations store, meaning nothing goes to waste!


Domestic Property and Commercial Building Floor Sanding Services

No project is too big or too small, we can carry out sanding projects on a single room or an entire house. A standard room will take a maximum of 3 days to complete, whereas a whole house could take a week or more, depending on the specification. 

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