Floor sanding Bristol

Location: Floor Sanding Bristol

Material: Oak planks

Specification: Floor Sanding Bristol

This week our team had an oak Floor Sanding Bristol project, Working in Bristol is nothing new for us, but having a oak floor restoration is. Mainly cause pine flooring is the most prevalent of our restorations in this area. This was however a new home and our client got hold of us because the factory finish on the flooring was not up specification for a downstairs hallway/kitchen of a home. Most high activity areas should be finished with polyurethane lacquer. much easier to maintain. 

The sanding process was understandably very easy and we were able to restore the flooring back to grain and apply a more durable finish, still keeping a beautiful finish. if we dont say so ourselves. 

Essentially cause pine flooring is the most common of our rebuilding efforts around here. This was anyway another home and our customer got hold of us on the grounds that the manufacturing plant finish on the deck was not up particular for a first-floor lobby/kitchen of a home. Most high-action regions ought to be done with polyurethane enamel. a lot simpler to keep up with.

A primer coat and three coats of strong matte finished lacquer was applied. This should be able to stand up to any amount of kids, dogs and every day wear and tear. 

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