Location: Exeter

Material: Pine

Specification: Wood floor sanding

On this Wooden floor sanding job, you can see the bread and butter of our restoration services. A traditional terrace house with Pine flooring running throughout. Our mission was to infill the gaps in the flooring, restore the grain back to a finish and apply products to lighten and brighten the room. No problem 

When we started the project, by leveling out the pine flooring with low grits on our sanding machines. We then installed the pine fillets with fast setting glue and sawed off the excess. A clean site is a well run site so with that in mind (as it can easily get messy) we tidied up all the sawed off pine fillets and continued sanding through the grits until the floor was fully prepared. 

The colour of the grain really started to show through and with the gaps all filled, a uniformity was added to the floor. Our client on this occasion decided to go for a matt finish. which suits most older homes.

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