Floor Sanding in Bristol

At Ryan’s we are passionate about what we do and have mastered our craft –  continuously producing stunning results.

We use our skills and extensive knowledge to transform wood floors, including floor sanding, floor varnishing and wood floor repairs.

Bristol, as a old Victorian city, naturally has an untold amount of flooring that is old and needs a restoring by the process of sanding. Floor sanding is the process of stripping back the top layers of the wood flooring, removing the dirt and damage then applying finishing products to whatever style is wanted. Most of the wooden flooring in Bristol seems to be pine. These pine boards when originally installed were a cheap and easy resource, perfect for boarding out local houses. Little did the builders at the time know that wood flooring refurbishment would become so popular.

We have expert knowledge of products to use on these floors, enabling us to tailor our floor restoration to get the best out of each specific floor.  No two floors are the same!

As a company we spend 60% of our time floor sanding in and around Bristol. We are as a result familiar with the difficulties in Bristol such as parking and traffic. Another issue with floor sanding here can be the noise generated from the machines with regards the neighbours. However, with all of our experience we are aware of all these issues and how to best deal with them.

Contact us today if you need a floor sanding in Bristol estimate and same day quote.  We can advise you on the best course of action to restore your floor to it previous glory!


Absolutely cracking job! They are incredibly passionate about what they do from start to finish. They will keep you informed throughout the job. Smart, punctual and professional.
Mrs Gutteridge