Floor Sanding Plymouth

Location: Floor Sanding Plymouth

Material: pine parquet

Specification: Wood floor sanding

Wood floor sanding in Plymouth. A pine herringbone restoration project was on the agenda this week for Ryans. Even though pine is a soft wood and not as glamorous as oak, it still looks fantastic when restored and finished properly. This pine herringbone had fallen victim the way most do, years of abuse in the home with dogs, kids and every day life. A constant plus side to wooden floor restoration is the flooring can look brand new again. This is what we would do.

This flooring flowed through the hallway and two rooms, making the restoration a little bit more tricky, but nothing our team couldn’t handle.  Sanding of soft woods are often easy but this floor was particularly un level and took a little while to smooth out. Once it had been though, and the beauty of the pines grain restored it really started to transform the room.

The pine flooring in Plymouth was restored after a few days and on the morning of the third we applied the finishing products, a silk light finish was chosen and it really brought a golden finish to the downstairs of the home. our client was very pleased with this. 

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