Parquet flooring restoration

A difficult type of wood flooring restoration but rewarding

Its important to know what type of flooring you have to understand what finishes to expect with your flooring and its limitations. Parquet flooring restoration has become more and more popular as techniques have grown to transform old parquet flooring. Parquet flooring can make a room look incredible with different grain directions and textures. A few advantages are that if/when a block is damaged it can be replaced and the blocks are not as prone to expansion. However the parquet blocks after many years are normally very un level and require a lot of extra sanding preparation to bring the grin back to high standard.

There is a huge Variety of Parquet floors out there but from our experience working in peoples homes, the most common are;

  • Oak 
  • Pine 
  • Teak
  • maple
  • beech

Do you have solid wood flooring that needs restoring?

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