Wood Floor Staining


Change the colour of your wooden flooring restoration 

After the wooden floor restoration normally a natural finish would be applied. By this we mean a hard wax oil or a water based lacquer that will cure and reveal the natural colour tones of the wood. For pine this can either be a yellow or orange tone, for oak this is normally a golden tone and for teak a darker/ rich tone. etc

You can however choose to before the finish product is applied, have your floor stained any colour you want. This is an extra process but sometimes necessary, if for example you are after a certain design in your home. A finish can then be applied on top, either matt/silk/gloss as a finish. in this respect your wooden flooring restoration can be highly custom.

Colours include;

  • dark oak
  • medium oak
  • light oak
  • plum mahogany 
  • rich mahogany 
  • teak 
  • antique pine
  • honey pine
  • rosewood
  • walnut 


Do you want your wooden flooring to have custom colour?

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